We Are Specialized In AEROSPACE, MEDICAL, MILITARY, AUTOMOTIVE And Consumer Products.

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Type of Screw Machine Products: Automotive and Non-Automotive Parts Fittings, Rivets, Bushings, Insets, Hardware Industry, Custom Design Part.

Type of Swiss CNC machine Products: Micro-Drilling, 7 Axis Machining, Milling and Turning, Screw, Swiss Turning, Knurling, Custom Stamping, Reaming.

Other Services:  Brushing, Chemical Cleaning, Deburring, Electro- polishing, Honing, Masking, Shot Blasting, Tumble- Finishing, Plating, Anodizing, Inspection.

Materials Used: Steel, Stainless, Nitronic, Brass, Berrylium, Copper, Bronze, Tellurium Copper, All Aluminum Grades, Aluminum Bronze, along with Inconel, Invar, Kovar, Specialist Plastics and Titanium, Aerospace materials in various tempers.

OUR MACHINE TYPES: Star (SR20) 3 Swiss Machines, Star (SR32) 2 Swiss Machines, SV20 Swiss
Machine, S42 2 Swiss Machines, Guildmaster (65mm Diameter) 2 with double turret , double spindle with barfeeder.

Secondary Operations: Milling Machine (Production) – Tapping Machine – Drilling Machine – Tool Room Lathe – Deburring – Parts Washing.

Quality Control Equipment : – Deltronic MPC-4 Digital – Readouts optical comparator – Wilson Hardness tester – Pin gauges – Block gauges – Thread gauges – Microscope and other related measurement tools Strict quality control and complete traceability of materials, processes and supplies ensure that your parts are produced exactly to your specifications.

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